About us

Our mission is to improve the lives of everyone we serve
by connecting them to the natural world.

Our Vision

Whether in the store or on a landscape project, we strive to help the Nashville community grow with inspirational designs and a constant focus on earth-friendly products and sustainable landscaping. From consultation to design, installation and maintenance, we’ll work with you to cultivate exquisite plant arrangements and custom-built hardscapes for your home or commercial property.

For our landscape services, please visit us at gardensofbabylon.com

Our Sustainable Methods

We specialize in natural, organic products and services. Our nursery plants are grown from GMO-free seeds. However, with the exception of our herb and vegetable suppliers, we cannot guarantee that every nursery with which we conduct business uses organic or natural methods. Regardless of the initial growing process, we believe it is imperative that organic and natural growing methods be carried out after planting. For this reason, our store only carries natural and organic soil amendments and pesticides, and our landscape teams use only natural and organic plant care products and methods.

Our Community

We believe in the importance of fostering a strong community for the Greater Nashville area. We’re working with an ever-growing group of local partners who share our values for collaboration, integrity, sustainability and -- above-all -- inspiration.