Cedar Raised Bed Kit - 4'x4'

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* soil & plants sold separately *

Our raised garden bed kits include everything needed except a drill (soil & plants sold separately). A 4'x4' kit is approximately 4 feet long by 4 feet wide and 8 inches tall.

The cedar wood used is dimensionally variable meaning that the board sizes (thickness and width) may vary slightly. The board lengths are cut and squared to a uniform length. The untreated wood will naturally age to a mellow gray. Cedar is an ideal wood for raised beds as it has natural properties that repel insects and prevent rot, even when placed directly on the ground.


  • Place the kit on a flat surface such as a garage floor, driveway, or deck for assembly.
  • It is recommended that you assemble the kit with the final ‘top side’ down. Arrange the boards with the the better edge up.
  • The boards are placed on the ends of the frame, meaning you will see all the screws on the end and not on the side.
  • The edges on underside may be slightly misaligned. This side will be flipped over after installation (The top, currently upside down, will be aligned).
  • Find a willing helper to help carry the planter to the desired location.
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